Lawyers of Motorcycle Accident

Medical expenses associated with motorcycle accidents can quickly add up, often necessitating victims relying on insurance benefits and savings accounts for payment while they recover from injuries sustained in an accident. If your injuries prevent you from working and earning income, having access to skilled counsel may help ensure you recover all compensation that is owed to you.

Many New Yorkers injured in motorcycle accidents attempt to handle their claims themselves in order to save money on legal fees; this can be costly mistake; an experienced motorcycle accident attorney is better able to negotiate with insurance companies and other parties involved on your behalf and ensure you receive adequate compensation for injuries or losses sustained in an accident.

As well as physical injuries you have endured due to your motorcycle accident injury, an experienced New York City motorcycle accident attorney can also help you recover for emotional trauma and loss of enjoyment of life due to it. These non-economic damages include companionship loss, consortium dissolution and diminished quality of life. A free consultation session can be useful when determining how much compensation to seek in terms of non-economic damages.

At the core of any successful case is gathering the evidence necessary for you to succeed. This may require visiting the crash site to inspect it for skid marks, scrapes and gouges that prove how the incident took place; your attorney will also consult with witnesses to establish what they saw; more evidence collected, the stronger will be your case.

Your attorney will then gather the relevant evidence and file all appropriate claims for coverage, typically starting with the driver who hit you but in some cases multiple parties such as construction companies responsible for poor road conditions or government agencies responsible for maintaining roads could also be held liable; your lawyer can work to identify which parties are at fault so they may file claims against them in order to recover maximum compensation for damages suffered by you.

Your attorney will also help you counter attempts by the insurance company of the negligent party to blame you for the accident and thus reduce its value, with expert testimony counteracting their arguments.

Sometimes the actions of those at fault can be so extreme as to require special “punitive damages.” While these don’t compensate you directly for losses incurred, they act as a deterrent against similar conduct in the future and your lawyer will work diligently on your behalf to recover them as part of any settlement agreement.

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