How to Get a Lawyer For a Car Accident?

Even when your car accident seems minor on the surface, legal representation may still be essential in getting you the compensation that you are due for medical bills, lost work time and other expenses incurred as a result.

Attorneys also review insurance policies, assessing policy limits and any factors that could influence potential damages. Engaging a lawyer early allows your representative to evaluate all potential damages to maximize your claim.

1. You’re Injured

Car accidents can be extremely harmful, with head-on collisions often producing tremendous force that causes serious injuries ranging from concussions and spinal cord trauma to internal bleeding and internal trauma. Even minor car collisions such as “fender benders” can produce lasting injuries such as broken bones or whiplash.

If you are injured, seeking medical treatment immediately is vitally important. Furthermore, documenting both your accident and injuries must also take priority – including writing down all details surrounding it (how it happened, any conversations had at the scene and witness contact information), medical appointments scheduled as a result of your injury, time missed from work due to it and expenses related to it.

Insurance companies will likely attempt to contact you shortly after an accident occurs, and may ask for statements. It’s wise to speak to an attorney first before giving statements or giving statements yourself.

2. You’re Considering a Lawsuit

Selecting an attorney is an important decision, since taking on legal cases usually means spending money on attorney fees, court costs, expert witness fees, and other expenses. If too much of your compensation goes toward attorney’s fees alone it may not be worthwhile pursuing them further.

New York car accident lawyers understand how to calculate the true costs associated with injuries and losses suffered in car accidents. An experienced lawyer will consider future medical bills, impact on ability to work and earn income and any additional damages suffered as part of this calculation process.

Lawyers also possess an expert understanding of negotiating with insurance companies. Insurance providers strive to pay out as little as possible; thus they are looking for any loophole that allows them to escape liability. A skilled lawyer will be able to effectively represent your facts before the insurance adjuster and secure you an equitable settlement that safeguards your rights.

3. You’re Considering a Settlement

At the end of a long day, you reach down to change the radio station when another driver strikes you from behind and hits both your cars – though neither driver was hurt and both vehicles sustained only minor damages.

Insurance companies representing other drivers or vehicles involved may contact you and offer to accept their insured as liable, along with an offer to settle at a specific amount. Do not accept this offer or sign anything until having reviewed by an attorney first.

Your attorney will carefully analyze the details of your case to assess liability and calculate damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering compensation, disability reduction costs and potential punitive damages – should any apply.

Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer quickly will give you enough time to evaluate all damages and maximize the potential compensation from defendant. Furthermore, an attorney will assess if there are other liable parties which could increase the size of your award.

4. You’re Considering a Trial

If you have suffered serious injuries in a car accident that was not your fault, hiring an attorney could be well worth your while. Attorneys know how to assess potential claims accurately and negotiate with insurance companies for compensation that’s fair to both sides.

A good Brooklyn car accident lawyer will carefully examine all aspects of your case to assess liability and calculate damages, both economic and non-economic, including medical bills and lost income as well as emotional pain and suffering.

When selecting an attorney, look for someone with significant experience and a proven track record. Be wary of firms that only provide services if court action becomes necessary; learn whether their fees are flat fees or percentage-based so as to select one who will go the distance with you.

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